Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where have I been?

John is on at me about how infrequently I am posting right now. I do feel bad about it and wish I had more time right now to post. This week has been pretty busy though.

My sister, Beth, and her husband, Graeme, and four-month-old Kate arrived on Tuesday evening. My dad and Donna arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Since then our very small house has been, well, kind of crazy. A little bedlam here and there. Emily and Hope love it. More specifically, they love Kate. They love touching Kate, poking Kate, rubbing Kate. Anything to do with Kate, they love.

We had a mini-Christmas this morning for my dad and Donna. They are spending Christmas in Edmonton with our family out there (hi Alberta family!). So, they opened their gifts from us this morning and we opened ours from them. I am very pleased to say that they bought me just what I wanted: a new winter jacket. The exact green down ski jacket from LL Bean. I've already worn it a couple of times and I LOVE IT.

Emily has run Donna ragged reading and playing in the snow. The first day Donna, Emily and I created a super slide down the giant snowbank that is our front yard. It was so much fun. I really felt like a kid again and it reminded me of the great things that winter can be.

Beth has recently learned to knit and she's taught me the basics, enough that I am currently knitting a dish cloth. I'm very impressed with myself since the only thing I've every knitted before was a bad scarf in high school that was full of holes and the sides were all wavy and oh yeah, I didn't finish it. This will do me well when I start my knitting course in January. I'm planning on being the star pupil. Oh, and speaking of that, I got my final grade for my course. My brown-nosing, front-row-sitting, answering all the questions scheme paid off with a 94. Don't you hate me?

Tonight we took a sleeping Kate and camera-happy Emily (she got a new camera of her own from Pappa and Donna for Christmas and it hasn't left her hand since) for a walk to look at the lights in our neighbourhood. We returned home to find Hope sportin' a look. She'd found a pair of my underwear (clean, at least) and put them on. She wore them until bed time. A good look, don't you think?

Tomorrow we're going to Parliament to see those lights after take away shawarma. Hopefully we'll be out a little more over the next few days seeing the sights and enjoying the snow. Don't you just love Christmas?


Sheryl said...

OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL THE SNOW! I may be from Texas but I'm well traveled and I have never seen that much.

I'd be jealous but it was a beautiful 72 here today, perfect!

I hope ya'll have fun with family and all of the little ones.

And yes, I'm writing this at 2:48 AM, uug.

Anonymous said...

At least she got it right by putting it (the underwear) where it belongs. Toilet training anyone? :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kate's shirt! -Erika

Shan said...

Glad you're having a great time with your family Karen. In my opinion that's the best reason for not blogging. Our front yard looks very much the same as yours. Although we may have a bit less than you. Enjoy the knitting. I, too, only know the basics, but I do love it. I would totally take a knitting class with you. For now, though, I'm good enough for donation scarves.

Roxie said...

visiting from ShanRev's blog. If those are your panties, you have one tiny hiney, dear. Love the snow slide. Your joy makes me smile all over my face. Happy knitting!