Monday, February 18, 2008

Show and tell

I've been doing a lot of knitting since Beth taught me how to knit over Christmas. And a few weeks ago I started a knitting class with my friend Dawn so I've learned a few new tricks in the last few weeks, making me feel a bit more competent and daring. Anyway, I feel it's time for a show and tell of my creations. It will likely be more show than tell.

I've made several of these baby hats for people I know having or just had babies. I can spin them off pretty quick now and I like the change I made to the pattern by adding stripes. In my most recent version, not shown here, I use the contrast colour to do the decrease and i-cord on the top as well as the stripes, which looks even better.

After the first baby hat, I made this bag to hold my current knitting project. It's felted, which means you knit up a big floppy bag and then shrink it in the washing machine. So much fun!

This is the scarf I just finished for my knitting class. It is unlikely I will ever knit a scarf again. Sooooo boring. I became very good at colour changes though.

I just finished these leg warmers for Emily. She likes to put them on for a few minutes at a time but has yet to show interest in wearing them for real. They might end up in the dress-up clothes. Knitting these taught me a couple of things: I'll never knit with acrylic again or eyelash stuff; and how to do ribbing.... properly.

Last week I decided to learn how to cable. I taught myself to do it by making this dishcloth. Little expense and not much time. Turns out that cables are very easy. I plan to make a cable sweater someday for yours truly and probably the girls too. Oh, and cable socks.

That's the end of my current show and tell. I'm going to be making Easter bunnies and eggs for the girls soon and a sweater for Hope and Emily and then I really have to turn my attention to some sewing.


little b said...

The leg warmers are great, Karen. And I'm impressed with the cabling. I haven't tried that yet, but I will at some point. I have a whole bunch of projects lined up, so maybe after that!

Shan said...

Wow! Look at you go! I love the leg warmers. I'm quite sure Abby would love a pair. It all looks incredible Karen.

juls said...

You rock. Love the leg warmers! Haven't had a chance to make it to Michael's but still hope to get there one night before we leave.

Erika said...

Look at Emily!!! Wholy tamoly! She's a big girl! That's AWESOME. Oh... and I LOVE the hat -- I need one of those... and more to the point I need to learn how to MAKE those so I can give 'em to people. Okay guys... whichever of you gets me on my next week off... you're teaching me to knit a hat (C: