Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Moments Day 17 and 18

At least I'm consistent in not getting my tiny moments up every day. Now you know to expect inconsistency, which is consistent, right? See what I did there?

We've been dying a lot of Easter eggs. A lot. And a lot of fingers, too. Hope was not invited to participate this year because I prefer our floors, chairs and table to stay the colours that they are. She'll be in for next year. For now, we dye while she naps.

Emily is the resident pizza topper in our house. We make mini-pizzas about once a week for lunch. Emily has developed a very specific technique for the toppings, which are always the same: pepperoni, pineapple and cheese. She loves to make them. I love to eat them.

Hope gets the short end today but I'll make it up to her with an all-Hope day very soon.

We're off to Kitchener tomorrow afternoon for Easter weekend. We're staying with our very good friends Tamara and Greg who we see too infrequently. We'll be home on Sunday night late, I expect. Reports to follow on Monday amidst laundry, cleaning and all the rest of it.

Joyeuses Pâques, tout le monde!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, great idea for mini pizza. And kudos to Emily for eating cheese. Seems we're an anti-cheese household, believe it or not. Was I drinking too much coffee during pregnancy? What kid doesn't like cheese....?

Hope the easter bunny (which is a girl, I'm told!), finds you in Kitchener.