Saturday, March 22, 2008

The weekend so far

I finished the knitted bunnies for the girls just tonight, just in time for the big day tomorrow. They are now perched, ready for action, in their baskets, on Tamara and Greg's piano.

We have had a great weekend so far with Tamara, Greg and Elias here in Kitchener. Yesterday we walked to Tamara's school so the kids could play in the snowy and icy playground. The rest of the day we ate and played and read books and ate. Last night I drank too much wine, played Settlers of Catan and laughed and laughed and laughed. Today we went to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market for our quarterly supply of summer sausage. We were glad to get the summer sausage but it was so busy that we were all grumpy when we left only 30 minutes or so later. The days of leisurely browsing the tables staffed by Old Order Mennonites while downing some hot apple fritters are a thing of the past. The new reality is standing in the cold for twenty minutes, holding a one year old, waiting to get in the building to order your apple fritters while the rest of your group is fighting for table space to eat the pancake that they stood in line for twenty minutes to get. Good times, good times.

From there we went to our friends' Marnie and Paul's house and spent the rest of the morning with them drinking great coffee, watching the kids play and catching up with friends we see far too infrequently. Marnie is at the end of her fifth pregnancy and for that alone she is a total star in my books. The fact that she has three kids at home kicks her up another notch. What clinches it for me though is that she is still totally the same very cool, hilarious kindred spirit she was when I met her seventeen years ago. Crap. Seventeen years? How did I end up 35? Just yesterday I was 19, I swear.

This afternoon Tamara and I abandoned our kids to our husbands, did some shopping and had tea out on the town. Now, the kids are sleeping, we're sitting around reading, blogging, drinking wine or scotch and some of us are watching the hockey game. We'll soon be back to playing cards or something else.

Tomorrow is the egg hunt and then we're off to John's sister's house in Cambridge for an Easter lunch before heading home tomorrow night.

I hope you're all having a great weekend, too.


Shan said...

The rabbits look incredible Karen! Such talent you have. Have a great Easter.

little b said...

Karen, the bunnies turned out amazingly well. I'm super impressed. nice eggs too. But i want to see a close up of the bunnies.

i'm glad you're having a great weekend.

Jannie said...

Karen, it was great to read you say 'we laughed and laughed and laughed' - excellent!! laughter is SSooo
good. And it's wonderful you are having such a fabulous w/end!! You deserve it. Enjoy every minute - and more! Your bunnies are terrific!!! Very well done! and the eggs too - huge job, looks like lots of fun and they turned out so cute.
Have a great day - so thankful you've been able to get away.