Saturday, April 19, 2008

The hardest days of parenting

Hope is sick again. My girl who went from a record streak of no barf is now competing for the most barf in a single season.

This morning she threw up BEFORE breakfast, after one or two sips of her morning OJ. Then she threw up after breakfast. Then she threw up after some milk hours later, then after a cracker and some water and then again later after just water.

I know it's irrational but now I'm worried that there is something really wrong with her. She has no fever, she is quite happy a few minutes after each expulsion so although the puking points to a bug of some sort, she doesn't have any other buggy symptoms.

It's normal for parents to have mini-panic attacks about their kids' health. I imagine it is even worse if they've had scares in the past, which thankfully we haven't. But when you read or hear stories about kids who have serious health issues, you can't help but feel blessed that it isn't your kid and worried that it could be. I'm in one of those moments now.

The last three weeks she's been weird: not sleeping much, clingy, throwing up occasionally. I figured it was a tooth coming in but after today I'm wondering if the last three weeks were leading to today and pointing to something more serious.

I know, I know; it is probably nothing more than a bug and I sure hope it is. I'll go to the clinic later to have a doctor allay my concerns but for now, I'm going to sit here and try not to think about the other things it could be.


little b said...

Poor Hope. And poor Karen. I'm sure it is just a virus that's been hanging around awhile. It probably just took until she was really tired to manifest itself as barfing.

I hope the visit to the clinic ends up being a waste of time. :)

Shan said...

I hope she's feeling better soon. Maya just had a fever for the past three days. Given the health concerns she was born with I had to actively talk myself through the entire three days to keep myself from freaking out. And from using Dr. Google because that just makes it worse. Although it is hard to keep from looking up the symptoms on the internet.

Julie said...

Hoping for Hopey. Is she feeling better today? Are you feeling better today? Remember your reaction to me thinking Max is autistic? Well keep that thought. It's probably just some little virus that she's fighting with a smile.