Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the mend

I took Hope to the clinic last night after she puked up plain water. In fact, it was such a violent spew that the water was running out of her nose. Soon after that the doctor was telling me that it was going around, nothing to worry about, give her a Gravol suppository (since nothing would stay in her) and feed her fluids; up and around in no time.

I dreaded the suppository. I've only given one before, to Emily, and for a month afterward it was like a vice was keeping her knees together come Hell or high water, which made changing her diaper a minor challenge.

Well, Hope being Hope she thought the whole thing was funny. The girl who hadn't smiled in twelve hours got the giggles while I was shoving the little Gravol rocket up her bum. Totally in character and kind of made yesterday a whole lot better for a brief moment. Since then she has consumed more liquids and popsicles than should be humanly possible.

Every hour today I could see her improving. The three naps (yes, three!) didn't hurt. She seems back to herself. She's upstairs laughing and playing with Emily right now.

Phew. I'm so glad that it was just a bug. I could do without that for a while now. The house has an eau de barf about that I could really do without. Probably not aided by the fact that I haven't seen a shower in quite a while and it is quite possible that my feet have been sprayed by vomit more than once since I did see a shower. Oh, and add poop water to that too. Cloth diapers + toddler diarrhea = ew, ew, ew, ew.

And how was your weekend?


Shan said...

So glad she's feeling better Karen. I always hate when they're pukey at that age. Communication is such a struggle, so you can't a real good feel for how they're feeling.

Anonymous said...

And where was your partner through all of this? Was he cowering in a corner of the house pretending to hear nothing (a-la Sargent Schultz in Hogan's Heroes)? Was he outside soaking up the sun while you were inside soaking up...stuff other than the sun?

I suspect the answers are: "weeping", "sort of", and "as much as possible". Some kind of "doctor" you had kids with, Karen.


(Hi Mom -- it is me (the not-a-real doctor) just in case you think someone has anonymously slammed your first born. And, yes, perhaps some of the above was exaggerated. But not the weeping -- have you ever smelled vomit-in-carpet? Green cleaning products do not threaten the all-encompassing, hegemonic terror which is vomit-in-carpet. No, ma'am, not one bit.)

Julie said...

So glad Hope is feeling better. Keeping my fingers crossed that no one else gets sick!

Erika said...

Yaaaaaay GRAVOL! Did you know they don't use it here? People look at me funny when I say to try Dramamine for nausea. Oh well - so glad you've got it and Hope's feeling better!