Monday, April 14, 2008

Quick word

My dad and Donna are visiting for the next three days which likely means I won't be blogging much however I have to announce some great news: John's brother Mike and Mike's wife, Cibele, our only family in town, had their baby yesterday! It's a girl, about 6.5 lbs, named Sofia and absolutely gorgeous! I got to stare at her for a while last night when I dropped off Cibele's first taste of dairy in many months. (Her nausea and violent stomach upheaval - and I mean, violent - was made way worse by anything dairy.)

That's the news from here. My good friend Marnie, also had a her fifth (!) baby two days ago. It's just good news all around. Add to that the 10 degree and more weather coming this week and I'm just a happy camper. Oh, and my dad and Donna brought two suppers worth of food and a bottle of Amarone. Could life get any better?


juls said...

Congratulations on your new niece! Man, the Walshes make lots of girls!! Send my best to Cibele.

little b said...

Congrats to Cibele & Mike and Marnie & Paul. Yay for babies!

Shan said...

Hurray for new babies and enjoy your visit with your Dad and Donna!