Friday, April 11, 2008

So awkward, so good, so satsifying.

It was everything I hoped it would be. Last night's return of the Office was brilliant. It was one of the most awkward episodes I've watched yet and if you watch the Office regularly you know that the cringe-factor, the feeling that you shouldn't be watching this, the absolute awkward feeling in the pit of your stomach is what makes it so brillant. They exceeded themselves last night.

Michael and Jan coerced a few employees, most importantly Jim and Pam, to come to a dinner party at their house. The evening ended with the police arriving after neighbours complained of screaming and smashing from Michael's house. The complaint was a result of a fight between Jan and Michael that ended in a trophy sailing through his $200 tiny plasma screen t.v.

I loved the moment when Pam revealed she'd stolen Jan's CD made by her former assistant who Jan obviously has it on for. Also great was Angela smushing the ice cream cone on the door of the car after Andy took a bite of it, Dwight revealing that he only his relationship with his dinner date and former babysitter was "purely carnal," Jan declaring that the osso bucco had to cook for three hours before it is served, and the countless looks from Jim and Pam into the camera.

Below is one of the dozens of awkward moments... Jan "dancing" with Jim to the CD while Jim refuses to stand. If feels like watching a drunk student at a university bar trying to get an otherwise spoken for love interest to show an interest.... yikes.

It was a great half-hour. Can't wait for next week!


andrea from the fishbowl said...

omg - it was great wasn't it? - a very cringeworthy episode indeed!

H Munro said...

I agree soooo good.
I laughed so hard when Angela smashed her ice cream into the side of the car I almost woke up Sara.
Also one of my favorite parts was the condo tour and in the bedroom there was the video camera left out and that Michael sleeps on the little bench at the end of the bed.
Oh, and when Jim almost go them out of it when his apartment flooded, I couldn't believe that he was thinking of leaving Pam behind.
Anyway, I could go on and on.
My Facebook Profile pic is me kissing the Dwight Bobble head.

Closet Artist said...

this episode and return was awesome! I laughed my way through it despite the eye rolling from hubby on the other end of the couch! how can he not like The Office?!!?!?