Friday, June 27, 2008

The Cleanse: Day 13 and 14

One more week! Just one more week!

The last two days haven't been great. I've stayed the course but I've been hungry a lot. I fell off the old organizational wagon yesterday and didn't have enough around, aside from those blasted baby carrots, to eat on the fly. I blame it all on the fact that my gazpacho ran out a couple of days ago.

I kind of clued in late yesterday when I realized what a bad mood I was in. And then I woke up in a bad mood today. I never wake up in a bad mood. I would actually say that for the most part I'm in a perpetually good mood. I dawned on me this morning that I probably didn't have enough calories in me. I went from feeling the best I've felt in years to feeling right crappy.

I remedied most of all that today with more gd carrot sticks and lots of salad.

I also bought groceries to make more gazpacho.

Last night was also a little different because my little Emily, age almost 4, had her first real-live sleep over. I know. It seems a little crazy. I agree.

However, it was at one of my best friend's house with her daughter Ella who Emily has known and played with since she was born and so I knew it would be okay. I'm not saying I'll be letting her do it often but I wish I could have bottled her excitement. It would keep me going until I'm 97.

She had a great time and was apparently amazingly behaved. She was also very tired when I picked her up. I think she'll sleep really well tonight.

And now, onto her next excitement: we leave for the cottage on Sunday. Today is Friday and I have a two page list of things to pack, an entire house to clean, a garden to weed and gazpacho to make.

Good thing there is a holiday at the end of all of this.

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Jen said...

Have a good holiday!! See you in August!