Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Cleanse: Day 5

I had a recipe to post last night for What's Cooking Wednesday but it was one I made last week before I started The Cleanse and I couldn't bring myself to write about normal food right now.

Yesterday was better although I was still hungry ALL THE TIME. However it all started out very well because yesterday was John's birthday and we went out for breakfast. What could I do but join in the fun to celebrate my wonderful husband's birthday? We went to Cora's and I did stick with their vegetable skillet. It's not my fault that there is cheese melted on it and there are potatoes in there, right?

The rest of the day was normal but supper was less than stellar with my undercooked brown rice. Hopefully today will go better. I am feeling pretty good. I'm still really tired but I'm assuming that's because I'm not eating enough. I plan to do another shop today to get more snacks in the house to alleviate the constant hunger.

Day 6 today means only 5 more days before I get to eat meat! Something to celebrate!


Jen again said...

go karen, go karen, you can do it, go karen (you have to sing it to yourself to get the full effect!)

keep up the good work!

Julie said...

5 more days? I thought the cleanse was for 20? You've gone 6 days more than I would. I'm with Jen, keep the mantra going.

Go Karen Go! Go Karen Go! Go Karen Go!

Karen said...

The Cleanse is for 21 days but on Day 11 I get to add chicken and fish. Woohee!