Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Cleanse: Day 4

Today was hard. I didn't like today. I'm sick of vegetables. I want meat. And cheese. I don't care about desserts or even bread today. I just want a big slab of beef and some stinky, creamy cheese.

I'm hungry all the time. I'm not supposed to let myself get hungry but carrots just don't fill me up as a snack and I don't have the time to be making salads or cooking vegetables. Today I ate extra apples sending my fruit intake higher than it probably should be but I didn't care. I also ate half of a cupcake that I made for John's birthday tomorrow and it was bliss.

Beth suggested getting some baba ganouj to dip some veggies in when I get hungry. I'll get some tomorrow and something other than carrots and celery I can snack on because otherwise I'm going to fold at some point.

Beth also told me that she know several people who have done The Cleanse and my feelings today are very typical. I hope I like the food I eat better tomorrow.

Expect some kind of vegetable dish or lentils or brown rice (appetizing, eh?) for WCW tomorrow. I'm sure you'll all be rushing out to cook that up.

Blah. Grumpy. Bedtime.


Julie said...

You've made it four days longer than I would have. You rock. Hopefully yesterday was the hump and you will be over it today. Promise I will be very enthusiastic about WCW today.

Erika said...

ya know... I went looking for baba ganouj the other day, and after 5 or 6 people just said "hunh?" and the 8th or 9th proudly pointed me to the hummus in the "foreign" section of the store, I gave up. So sad. Funny to think that you can miss something so healthy so much (C: I'm with Julie though... I never even would have gotten started, so you're doing awesome!

Shan said...

Karen, you are a rock star! Seriously! I wouldn't even attempt something like this.