Monday, June 16, 2008

The Cleanse: Day 3

My food for supper was brown. Brown lentils (leftovers from last night) and eggplant salad, also brown. Tasted fine but I have to diversify my colours tomorrow.

I'm feeling very tired but I always feel very tired, which is the main reason I'm doing The Cleanse; I want to have more energy. I also have a minor headache. I guess this could be the crappy stage I've heard about. I could really use a glass of wine and a cookie right now.

Instead, I'll drink my sandy-textured shake, knit and watch something I got from the library.

Don't you love the library? I could spend a good part of every day there just browsing, reading, hanging out. I love our branch. It's brand new, really bright, the librarians are great (and know me and the kids by name now, which makes it really feel like "my" library), there is a great kids' section AND an amazing DVD section. Getting DVDs from the library feels a bit like pulling a scam. All these great movies.... free! For a week! AND I can renew them if I want! How do they let me get away with that?

I love peony season. The scents, the giant blooms, the colours. And then the rain storm, the wind, the hail if you were in Ottawa yesterday. Sad, pathetic peonies. Here they were this morning after the deluge yesterday:

What's a girl to do? Liberate them and bring them inside, of course! Now the entire main floor of the house smells like peonies which is about 100 times better than it usually smells.


Shan said...

Love the flowers Karen. They're gorgeous.

Great job on the cleanse. You have more willpower than I.

Sheryl said...

When I did the cleanse I felt like shit for the first week. My head hurt so bad I couldn't lift if off the couch, so you're doing great.

Ask Marlene her recipe for the shakes, she mixes some flax seed oil and other things (besides fruit) and it actually tastes ok.

Jen said...

i find the trick is always water, not that i've ever done a cleanse, mind you. water and a bit of physical activity tend to make the exhaustion go away. funny why that is the case. blame the endorphins i suppose. keep on chuggin' (literally)