Friday, June 06, 2008

Yesterday: good; Today: not so much

A few of great things happened yesterday; first, washing machine guy called and had the timer from our washer all fixed up AND he was able to install it right away. Hurray for laundry! Second, John came home last night to much fanfare, hugs and kisses from all of us. Third, I successfully pulled off John's early birthday/Father's Day gift without him having a clue.

You might remember that John's bike was stolen a few months ago. I decided to get him a new-to-him bike for this gift-giving time of year. On Wednesday, the kids and I went to Dave's Bike Dump here in Ottawa and got him a great but ugly bike that will be awesome to ride and will likely not be the target of any thieves. At least not any thieves with taste.

It is a very early model mountain bike (in fact, Dave told me it was the first widely available mountain bike although I can't remember what it was called. I believe the name Tom was involved). The original owner painted over the frame to hide the make so it would purposely look ugly and not draw nasty thieving people. He was successful.

It has all new components thanks to Dave and his crew and I fitted it with all the extras. I thought John had a clue to what was going on but in typical fashion, he was totally clueless (heh heh, sorry baby). I love pulling off a surprise. He declared it his best birthday present ever.

And then today the kids were so bad most of the morning that it was the first time that I very seriously contemplated returning to work. It's still seriously on my mind. Today sucked. It got a lot better, in fact way, way better, after naps took place, but man, if I ever needed a 10:00 a.m. cocktail, it was today.

I'm thinking of setting up a bar in the living room, or perhaps just starting to carry a flask for these kind of emergencies. Yeah, I'm that kind of kick-ass mom.

Tonight I'm off to my girls' book club for some treats and a casual mention of the book we read. I love my occasional night out. I really need it today.


little b said...

I put a bottle of wine in the fridge this morning because a friend of mine who is having a crappy week was hoping to come over for a much needed break. But I almost opened it up around 1 pm when Kate was resisting her nap, despite being horribly cranky.

In fact, I think I'll have some of it right now!

Congrats on pulling off the surprise. Was it a MB-1 from Bridgestone, by any chance? It was one of the very first mountain bikes.

Erika said...

No pic of the bike? I was getting all excited by the description and want a picture of the beaut (C:

Karen said...

I promise I'll stick up a picture of the bike this weekend. It wasn't a MB-1 Bridgestone. I'm pretty sure the guy, Dave, said it was a Tom Ritchey.

Shan said...

Sorry it was a rough day. It wasn't so much better around here. Maya refused a nap, so she was a bear all day. Add that to this crazy heat and Abby whining all day about why we didn't have the pool up yet... sigh.

So happy you pulled off the surprise though.