Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm old; I'm tired; If I was a horse, they'd shoot me

I worked in the garden digging up reluctant sod this afternoon in very humid and hot conditions for all of 30 minutes. And you know what? I'm totally spent.

My back aches, I'm too tired to clean the kitchen (that may just be an excuse), my legs are a bit achy. I feel like an old woman complaining about her arthritis to anyone who will listen.

I'm pathetic.

What happened to me? Just yesterday I was a decently active and fit 20-something. Today I'm a decrepit 30-something. Just plain sad.

Oh, I better go. My Alka-Seltzer is ready and it's time for Murder She Wrote.


little b said...

What happened? Two lovely children. And you wouldn't trade them for any amount of fitness. Take an ibuprofen, you'll feel better.

Shan said...

Murder She Wrote..... hahaha that's funny. Don't forget the Rub A535.

Oh and that's why I never garden.

Julie said...

Don't think the 40 degree heat had anything to do with it?

I think there is a Matlock double bill on tonight.

Jen said...

hey, what about Matlock. Come on!!

Jen again said...

(whoops, beaten to the punch by julie... mental note: read all posts before leaving a comment....)

Elaine A. said...

Murder She Wrote - oh that's funny... and a wee bit sad. ; )

Bengay anyone?