Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Easing back into the rat race

You'd think after three weeks at the cottage I'd be itching to post all about our adventures there. And I am. Only thing is I just have no time this week. Well, I have time but if I used it for blogging that would mean I wouldn't be using my time for little things like THE SERMON. Yikes!

It is coming along. I have a draft and will tinker tonight for a bit and then dive back in in earnest tomorrow night.

Also going on.... serious weeding of the gardens. There were weeds that were as tall as Emily. I've discovered however that it is a lot easier to pull out big-as-Emily weeds that small weed sprouts. I'm thinking of letting the garden go nuts in three week increments whether I'm away or not just to save time later. Who cares what the neighbours think?

I'm getting some good running around done this week thanks to Vacation Bible School, that kiddie rite of passage. Emily is loving it this year and I'm loving only having one kid on my heels during the morning.

My big news of the week, and I mean really big, I told my boss yesterday that I won't be returning to work for at least two years. Holy crap. That decision was made a while ago, internally anyway but I hadn't told anyone at work. Now it's done and I've said goodbye to the French training. It is still eating at me a bit. I'm fairly certain it was the right decision for me right now but there is still that nagging little part of me that wonders whether I'll regret this in a few months or years. I know I won't regret having the time with the kids. That's a no-brainer. It's the damn French. And so tonight I subscribed to a Learn French podcast just to appease myself a bit and start working towards doing this all on my own.

We have a slight ant infestation that is causing me angst. We get one every spring. I thought we'd missed it this year but no luck turns out.

Time to turn my attention to something more celestial.

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Shan said...

Wow! That is big news. Good for you. I am completely jealous!