Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three weeks of filth

We're home. I need a shower so bad. I haven't showered in three weeks. All right, so I have bathed in the lake several times but no real shower. No real deep clean. That is job one tonight.

After three weeks away, it is a minor culture shock to return home. My evening entertainment for the past three weeks has been watching the bugs congregate on the window, the moon rise over the lake and glimmer on the waves and recently trying to keep Hope from climbing out of her bed. That was more torture than entertainment though.

The first two weeks Hope did so well sleeping in a big bed. She took to it right away. And then Week 3. It was like she realized she could GET OUT. And strip too. I mean, why stop at getting out of bed when you can do it naked? Getting her to sleep has been really crappy the last week. Thoughts of buying her a single bed are now long gone. I was so thankful to plop her in her crib tonight knowing she couldn't get out. Of course, she's likely naked right now.

The week ahead is busy. Emily is starting Vacation Bible School tomorrow. I have to restock the fridge tomorrow morning. The gardens are looking great although there are crazy weeds everywhere and the tomatoes need to be totally re-staked. To top it all off, I'm speaking at church on Sunday. How insane is that? It feels insane anyway.

I'm glad to be home but I do miss the cottage already. I'll have to dream it over the next few weeks until we're back.

I am glad to talk to you all again though.

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Shan said...

Glad you're home Karen! I hope Emily has fun at VBS. We had ours last week. Abby loved it. Stay tuned for the totally adorable sandals they made for their craft project on one of the days.