Monday, August 04, 2008

The civil holiday

All right, so today is actually The Civic Holiday. More specifically, if you're in Ottawa, it is known as Colonel By Day. But, I'm renaming it the Civil Holiday because we're going to spend it at a friend's cottage (so nice that it isn't ours - then we don't have to clean or host or cook) in Perth and that just seems downright civil. First, we only have to drive one hour to get there. Next, we'll be drinking wine and eating great food. Finally, the kids will have lots of other kids to play with which means they won't need to be entertained. By me. Hah! Great.

I have something embarrassing to admit.

I have a repetitive stress injury. Okay, that part isn't embarrassing.

I think it's from knitting.

Oh my. Embarrassing.

It actually began last year, before the knitting, while I was breastfeeding. Hope always plopped her heavy head on my right forearm and it started to aggravate the tendon in my upper right shoulder and bicep. It got to the point where I couldn't lift my right arm while bent without a lot of pain. My chiropractor fixed it.

But then knitting.

It flared up in a new and terrible way while I was at the cottage. I showed Beth that I couldn't lift the ketchup bottle while my arm was extended. Yah, sad.

So, my chiro has told me that it's repetitive stress injury which she says is most common in mothers with young children. What about mothers with young children who recently took up knitting and started to knit intricately patterned socks and don't generally put them down? I didn't go into all that because? yah, embarrassed.

Anyway, sadly, knitting is on hold but sewing is in full swing with the party aprons almost complete! Pictures to follow. But first, coffee, packing for the day, hitting the road, relaxation.


Happy Civic Holiday everyone. Or, depending where in Ontario you are, happy: Simcoe Day (Toronto), Joseph Brant Day (Burlington), Founders' Day (Brantford), McLaughlin Day (Oshawa), Alexander Mackenzie Day (Sarnia), James Cockburn Day (Coburg), John Galt Day (Guelph).


Jen said...

Weird, who knew it was "guy day" virtually everywhere. Less "civil" than I first thought.... Who is in for "jen evans day" or "karen reyburn day" I ask?

Have a great day at the cottage.

Karen said...

Hey, welcome back!

I'm on board for Jen and Karen Day.

How about dinner some night in the next couple of weeks? I'm buying.

Shan said...

If it makes you feel any better my right hand gets numb when I've been knitting too long.

Sheryl said...

A knitting injury, that's hysterical.
Have fun during your "holiday" that sounds great.

Julie said...

You posted a blog, packed and still ended up beating Mere and Ron! Impressive. Sorry about the knitting injury. I won't tell you that I am going to go knitting now!