Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A new diagnosis?

We're back from our few days at the cottage. It was a great weekend for the most part. I'll give a fuller report when I have more than a moment to spare.

And someday I'll actually participate in my good friend Shan's What's Cooking Wednesday again. Truth be told, I made a roast chicken tonight that should have been great, and was I suppose, after I put it back in the oven after under-cooking it, a fact I only realized after I carved it up. Aren't meat thermometers supposed to solve that kind of problem? I guess the manufacturers have to depend on the fact that a numskull isn't using it. A numskull who consistently under cooks roasted chickens.

If you're ever having dinner at my house, hope that it isn't roast chicken coming out of the oven. Otherwise, you'll be eating corn and tomatoes for dinner. Chicken will be dessert.

On to the title of this post. My shoulder that I once claimed was all crapped up from knitting, turns out to be a more serious problem. I have now had three (awesome) massages by Craig at Metta Massage (I want Craig to get some credit for all his work. Also, he's awesome. Did I mention that?) and I'm seeing little progress. Okay, I'm seeing a little progress but I really thought I would be better by now after a month of chiro and three weeks of massage.

Craig now says I need to see my GP, likely get an ortho to look at it who will likely diagnose me as having "Frozen Shoulder" which is just a fancy term to say my shoulder is all fucked up.

All this to say, I sure hope that my insurance is willing to kick more money towards massage or I might be living with this for a while. A long while.

On the bright side, Craig said my knitting did not cause this (although we're not sure what did; let's blame the kids) and it isn't making it worse.

Well, that's something.

I do plan to start swimming again very soon and start up yoga again. It's been too long and it can only help I think.

I'm only 36 and yet I have the body of a 65 year old. Whasssup?

Again, let's blame the kids.


Jen said...

Weird, I have had a massage this week, started yoga (I'm a newbie) and am back in the pool myself in a week's time. Parallel lives? No bum shoulder but tonnes of carpal tunnel. I blame the kids too, but I'm thinking it is likely the computer.

Good to hear you are back; sad to hear about the bird.

Julie said...

Yeah! You're back. I guess the shoulder is a bit of good news/bad news. Good you can start knitting again, bad with the whole being fucked up thing. But again, knitting. Let's look at the bright side. I might be joining you and Mere with the swimming. I ned to move this blob of a body again.

Sheryl said...

Sorry to hear about the shoulder. After my bike accident I lived in constant pain for 2 years with more money than I care to mention spent on hospitals, acupuncture, massage, and PT. I don't think my elbow will ever be the same but it works and I'm not in pain all the time anymore. Given time, most things that are fucked up get healed.

Shan said...

Welcome home Karen! You know I miss you when you're gone! I have to say while it sucks about the shoulder I am happy to hear it's not knitting related! Hope you figure it out soon!

Kelly from Almost Frugal said...

Shoulder injuries suck. I have chronic tendinitis in both shoulders from swimming injuries. On the bright side, here's a way to see if your chicken's cooked before taking it out of the oven: cut a small slit in between the thigh and the body, on the underside, and look at the juices coming out. If they're clear it's done. If they're not, well stick it back in the oven.