Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I didn't know I was a prophet

So when I wrote yesterday's post I hadn't yet looked at the weather forecast for today. And to be honest, I've never read a weather forecast that included the word "humdinger" when it described what was coming.

Apparently we're in for a humdinger of a storm... at least for this time of year. The weatherdudes expect Ottawa to get up to 20 cm of snow by tomorrow morning.

I'm not going to go on and complain (as is my usual modus operandi) about the snow, how crappy Ottawa winters can be, how it is too damn early for this, etc etc etc. Instead I will tell you that I just spend the last hour putting away all the gardening tools and toys and other crap that was littering the back yard assuming the weather would hold a little longer.

It's a step up from last year when I just left it all there and then cursed myself in the spring when I had a number of cracked plant pots and deflated balls covered by icky stuff.

I guess I'm getting the hang of this home-ownership thing. All right!

And now I will wrap my frozen fingers around a large mug of tea and head back out there to get Emily from the bus. But I'm not complaining! Nope, not me.


Erika said...

Oi! And to think I was moping and winge-ing about a few little flaky's that had the GALL to fall yesterday (C:

Shan said...

Oh Karen that stinks! I hope it ends up being less that they thought!

And for the record I think it was a little cruel that my word verification was patio!

Julie said...

Prophet is right! I totally though the post was inspired by the weather warnings. I didn't even think of putting the plat pots away. And that's after I lost all of mine last year, having forgot to put them away. Seems I am a little slower on the up take. What do you think of our winter wonderland this morning?

little b said...

So, how's the humdinger? give us a report! (Yes, I could check the weather in Ottawa from here, but I prefer an eye witness account)

Pam said...

I second Beth's request. Please send us your impressions of the freakish weather in Ottawa. And just to rub it in a little, the weather in Calgary is a balmy 20 degrees Celius on my outside thermometer...hee, hee. Wish you were in my neighbourhood!