Monday, October 27, 2008

Signs of the end of fall

This weekend was full of busy Hallowe'en related activity. The whole weekend however seemed to point to what I know is inevitable: the end of fall. Which means the beginning of winter. Which means the start of Ottawa's longest season. A season that, this year at least, I am dreading. Dreading because of last year. The snow. Remember? New here? Well, this is what we had in Ottawa last winter:

So as November approaches I'm getting apprehensive and pining already for spring because last November the snow arrived and didn't go until late April. This weekend was filled with fun and seasonal events but also, for me, a bit of sadness knowing that Hallowe'en is the last of the fall celebrations.

On Friday night we picked out the pumpkins for Hallowe'en. We went cheap this year rather than getting the experience of pulling the orbs out of the patch ourselves. Next year I promised Emily we'll go to a farm rather than a farm market. That was fine but what wasn't fine was the fact we were only getting four. I know, I know, what a nasty piece of work I am only letting my kids have four pumpkins. Truth be told, you could hand her a fuzzy puppy and tell her it was hers for life and she'd burst into tears because it was the wrong colour or wrong smell or wrong fluffiness. That's Emily lately. She cries about the unexpected.... and the expected. The reality is that she still needs to nap. Afternoon kindergarten puts the damper on that and she flatly wills herself to stay awake on weekend afternoons. The result is tears almost on an hourly basis and that is not an exaggeration.

Her tears dried up when we decided to go out for pizza for dinner. She was stellar, snarfing down an adult-sized portion of Hawaiian pizza. Hope ate about 3 strands of spaghetti, after crying (of course) at the sight of pizza. We abandoned ship and headed home, defeated and also agreeing that we pulled a rookie move by trying to go out to dinner with two very tired kids.

Saturday, the rainiest day of the fall so far, was the Hallowe'en party at The Farm. The kids had fun in between the bouts of Emily's crying for various reasons. They decorated their pumpkins, ate some caramel apple pieces, visited the calves and pigs and sheep and enjoyed wearing their costumes a few days early.

On Sunday afternoon after both (BOTH!) refused to nap I took them to the playground and library. The ominous sky and high winds were truly the sign of the end of fall for me and probably one of the last trips to the playground for this year. At least without hats and mittens.

Goodbye fall. I do love your visits and miss you when you're gone.

Hello winter. You suck.


H Munro said...

I hear you!
I can't believe I just had to call my Mom to tell her to watch the weather report before she drives her on Wednesday...15 cms of snow in October!! That is just wrong!!

little b said...

Emily looks so pathetic in that picture with the pumpkins. Poor girl. It's hard to be in school when you still need naps. Hell, it's hard for me some days and I'm not four.

Shan said...

Oh we have our fair share of crying here too. More than our fair share most days.

As for winter we have wet flurries in the forecast for tomorrow. That really stinks!!

Julie said...

Good bye fall. I will miss you too. Especially since we don't have the winter tires on the car yet and Max doesn't have any winter boots! Bad mommy!