Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You've still got time

If you're living in Canada, you've still got time to vote. If you haven't done so yet, please do. I know that in our parliamentary system it often seems that our votes don't count. My riding is a prime example. David McGuinty, a Liberal, has held this riding for two terms. His brother, Dalton, is the premier of Ontario. Before David, John Manley held the riding for a very long time. It's a Liberal riding. It's a McGuinty riding.


For every vote cast, the party that receives that vote gets $1.75 or close to it for funding. So, even if, like me, your vote seems like a whisper in a crowd of shouts (not that I have anything against David McGuinty; I actually think he is a very good MP and very effective in the House; it's just that I use my vote to support a party that is very effective in the House and has policies I consistently stand behind. However, if there was a chance that the Conservatives would take this riding I would definitely vote Liberal to save the riding from the Conservatives. And that my friends is called digression), there is in fact a point to voting. And when I'm sometimes wondering if anyone cares that I voted for some Carleton student who was clearly told to run for the NDP because the NDP will never win this riding, I think about people who never can vote, or vote under duress, such as what we saw in Zimbabwe earlier this year that absolutely turned my stomach. I don't have to sneak out a back door to hide who I voted for. I'm thankful for that. And so if my vote seems insignificant, I do it for those people who vote in fear and then still know that their vote isn't counted, that it didn't matter, because their voices are never heard.

Get out there.


Julie said...

In mourning this morning? I am, even though I knew it was comming. I guess we should be glad it's not a majority? Some silver lining.

Karen said...

Ugh. I feel this post was a tad idealistic. This morning I'm feeling that my vote doesn't really matter. Especially when half the country doesn't even bother to vote.