Saturday, November 29, 2008

Destination: elsewhere

I'm currently sitting at a desk at a slightly crappy Best Western (isn't that kind of the definition of Best Western) in the northern extremes of Toronto.  We just arrived.  The girls are colouring.  John is flipping through the channels.  Our end destination is Kitchener for our friend Greg's surprise birthday party.  He's turning 40.  

We had grand plans to leave Ottawa early and get to Toronto in time to go to the Ontario Science Centre.  Hah!  We left later than we planned of course but made good time and although we won't be going to the Science Centre today, we did go to the Sandy Lion sticker outlet that is mere minutes from our hotel.  I spent $50 and supplied us in stickers for a very long time to come.  Like years.

Tomorrow we'll try and get to the Science Centre before visiting family and friends in Toronto before heading to Kitchener.  It will be whirlwind visit but we're billing it as a family adventure.  The kids are buying it so far.  

And now, to the pool!


Shan said...

awww so close!

Karen said...

Next time we're on our way to Niagara, I'm going to try and make a date with you!

Shan said...

that would be awesome!