Saturday, November 15, 2008

New business venture!

Hey ho, I just decided to open my own little business! Maybe nothing will come of it but if something does then I at least added a bit to our meagre coffers.

My business' name is Sugarplum Fairy Homebaking. For people out there who either don't like to bake or just don't have the time this Christmas/Holiday Season, I will do it for you. I have great recipes that are tested and loved, I'm a darn good baker, and I love to do it, so I figured, why not offer my services to others (for the right amount of money of course).

If all goes well, I'll continue past December and do as my mum did with her baking business and cater for whatever people would need me for.

I'll deliver to your door, through December and New Years if you're in the Ottawa area.

I've set up a little blog to give people more information. I hope this works. I have no idea what to expect but if you're in Ottawa and you need some baking, please forego Loblaws and contact me. My email is on the right or check out my new blog at

So, if you were doing this, how would you get word out? I have some ideas but I'd love to hear yours!


Ama x 2 said...

Good luck with your new business venture, Karen. If you were in Texas, you would be the first one I would call for my holiday goodies. Does Ottawa have a Craig's List? If so, that might be a possible place to post your goodie service.

Happy baking!

Shan said...

Great idea Karen. Grandma Linda and I used to have a business that began as a cookie baking deal and eventually morphed into chocolate and gift baskets. I still miss it... sometimes:)

Julie said...

For those who live in Ottawa, I can attest to Karen's baking talent. She's awesome. I nearly ate a whole pan of brownies when I was there on Saturday night. Oh, the chocolaty, buttery goodness. Oops, just drooled on my keyboard!

H Munro said...

Hi Karen,

As the days of my December get more and more full I become more and more curious on what your pricing will be like. I want home baked cookies but doubt I will have time.

andrea from the fishbowl said...

I'm interested... but I'd like to see pricing ... and photos too! I like to know what I'm getting. :)

fyi - the cupcakery has an etsy site. And they sell via the Candy Store in Westboro.