Monday, January 19, 2009

Mom Central Review: Special K Crackers

Disclosure: I'm part of a Mom Central blog tour for Special K Crackers. I received a free sample and will receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate in remuneration.

As part of Mom Central, I'm sent a number of offers to try different products. I'm very particular about what I'll try. When the Special K Crackers came up I knew this would be one suited to my main audience of a two-year-old and a four-year-old who both LOVE crackers. I buy a lot of crackers but I'm quite particular about what I'll buy. They have to be whole grain and they have to be made in a peanut-free facility so Emily can take them to school.

I had no real idea what I was getting from Special K. The box I received contained one box of lunch-sized packets of Multi-Grain Crackers and a traditional-style box of Italian Tomato-Herb Crackers. I tore open the Multi-Grain first and handed them over to two ravenous children. Within minutes they were both upstairs asking for more. A ringing endorsement to be sure.

The Special K crackers are small, perfect for a child's hands and to ensure they don't eat too many in one sitting. I also appreciate the snack-size packets. It's a very easy snack to pack when leaving the house. The flavour is great. It is slightly sweet but not sugary and it is crunchy, almost like a Wheat Thin, and has the nutty flavour of whole grains. I'll definitely be buying this for our snack cupboard.

And for those of us trying to lose a few Christmas pounds, a serving is 17 crackers and only has 90 calories. Additionally each serving has 8 grams of whole grains.

The Italian Tomato-Herb wasn't a hit with the kids. I liked it but did prefer the Multi-Grain. However, I think the Tomato-Herb would be an excellent cracker to go under herbed brie or any kind of sharp cheese for that matter and excellent to use with a dip. I'm thinking a warm artichoke dip would go really well with this cracker.

And now that I've got a craving for some crackers, I think I'll head upstairs for a snack. Too bad the kids ate all the Multi-Grain!

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