Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That's more like it

I don't know who that kid was the other night that pooped on the potty but she was nowhere to be found around here yesterday.

My very good friend, Shan, just blogged about her potty struggles with her daughter Maya. Seems we may be in the same boat after all as Hope is almost as stubborn as Shan's description of Maya.

Yesterday I pulled out the underwear. Hope was thrilled to wear it but also didn't seem to mind peeing in it and then pooping in some training pants. Too gross for words.

And so, since it was naptime by that point I put diapers back on and gave up for the rest of the day. I know, that is a no-no in the world of potty training but I don't care.

My other problem is Emily, the mother hen to defeat all mother hens. She can't help but scold Hope or give her opinion and continue to tell Hope how to do it or interrupt me when I'm trying to talk to Hope about the potty and how to take underwear off etc. Emily is very excited about this whole process and can't help herself but it really makes it more challenging for me.

And so, Shan, seems we're in the same boat but as the saying goes, misery loves company, right?


Julie said...

Sorry to hear the potty training triumph was so short lived. Today's a new day, right? ;-)

Shan said...

Well if nothing else I am in excellent company.

My sitter, where Maya has successfully used the toilet (on occasion), assures me that it will happen eventually and that very few brides walk down the aisle in diapers.

Jocelyn said...

It's totally fine - I hear this takes awhile. Austin will potty on the potty most days, but only if we ask - he won't tell us yet. For what it's worth, I took your advice and told Austin he'd get a piece of candy when he pooped in the potty. All day he would sit on the potty, strain and say "uuuuhhhh" and then ask for candy. I finally gave him a little peppermint tonight - i told him his effort was so good. Probably a bad idea, but I didn't want to discourage him!