Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best March Break ever: Day 2

Today I woke up and knew that today would be different.  My body protested loudly that I didn't nap yesterday and went to bed at a normal time: 10:00 pm.  As soon as I got up I knew that today was a bad-body day.  So, after breakfast, we headed into Gravenhurst for some groceries and a stop at a new fibre arts store.  I got a new toque and Donna bought me some beautiful yarn that I plan to turn into a scarf at some point.  The store is owned by a woman who raises Alpacas and will be milling the yarn next door and selling it in the shop.  It was really cool with beautiful colour choices.

By the time we got home I felt worse so I ate lunch and then pawned the kids off on my dad and Donna and I headed to bed for an hour.  After my nap, I went on a hunt for everyone.  They were on a hike around the trails on the property.  The property is about 105 acres.  So, I walked up to the new house and the mason's told me they were walking the long way around back to the cottage so I "mantracked" them back towards the cottage and found them not too far away.  We hiked the rest of the way home, some of it with Hope in my arms.  

Back at the cottage, we had tea, read a bit and then heard Papa firing up the chainsaw so we headed back outside to watch and help load wood.  After that was all done, the girls and I played restaurant outside for about another 30 minutes before we were called back to the new house to help unload the quartz countertops.  Let's just say that clearly my muscles aren't too badly affected by my mystery illness because they stood up to the test this afternoon.  Man, is quartz freakin' heavy!

Back through the mud once again to the cottage for supper and now I'm chillin' with some wine and soon I'll sit down with a hot back for my back and then put the kids to bed.  I'll follow soon after.

Tomorrow: the Muskoka Wildlife Centre (a.k.a animal rescue centre).

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Julie said...

Quartz counter top? You'll have to take a picture of that. Hope your body isn't protesting too much today after the work out yesterday. Enjoy the wildlife center. Sounds like fun!