Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best March Break ever: Day 3 (a little late)

On Day 3 at my dad's, he had the internet connection switched to the new house so my blogging ground to a halt. No matter because I was so beat. My muscles were extremely unhappy and during my "free time" I had to just lie on the couch while the girls watched t.v.

We played outside on Thursday morning for quite a while with Sue. Sue and Art Bast are friends of my parents from Sudbury. Art has a company that makes and installs really nice kitchen cabinets and he was there putting in the countertop at the house. Sue played restaurant with us and then we all went for a walk across the ice and over to the house. I brought the kids back for a snack and then we got ready to go to the Wildlife Centre with Sue and Donna.

The Centre is out on Highway 11 so a bit of a drive. Unfortunately, we were there 30 minutes before it opened so we killed some time up the highway at the Muskoka Store, a truly overpriced tourist trap. However, I did get a new pair of sunglasses at 50% off.

We finally got into the Wildlife Centre at 12:30. Luckily I had a lot of snacks packed. The Centre was amazing. There were big walking trails through the acres and acres of property. The animals were all active and the girls were able to see almost everything. The best moment was when we arrived at the cougar/bear enclosure right at feeding time. The cougar was pacing. The animal handler dude had to coax the bear out of his den for lunch. He's still sleeping a lot during the day. My highlight was how focussed Emily was on the map of the Centre rather than the animals we were seeing. She was much more concerned on making sure we were headed in the right direction than on seeing animals. It was so funny.

Back at the cottage, I lay on the couch after lunch while the girls watched some t.v. We then headed back over to the house to build the first fire in the new masonry stove (which is a really big stone enclosed woodstove sort of. I'll post photos later). And then the day ended with supper and bed.

The drive home yesterday was fine. My legs and hips were screaming but I made it without too much trouble. It is a really beautiful drive between here and there and we were treated to three fawns crossing the highway in front of the car.

We had a great week. It was really relaxing. The kids spent a huge amount of time outside and it was so nice to be in Muskoka during the winter. But, now I'm glad to be home and back to a routine as well.

I'll post some pictures.... sometime. My computer is dead again and we don't know why. Ugh.

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