Sunday, March 22, 2009

A fire without the smoke

The references to my computer being sick have ended in a terrible way.  We had to format the hard drive however, being that we have Leopard and therefore Time Machine for our Mac, it didn't seem like a big deal.

Until we realized that Time Machine, for some reason, had only backed up things from John's profile on the Mac and not mine.  Of course, we realized this after the hard drive was erased. I have no photos from the last two years, no emails, no documents, no bookmarks.  Nada.

So, if you tend to email me, please send  me one so I can start to rebuild an address book without trolling the internet.  

And, even more importantly, if you have any photos of my kids or John and I during the last two years, please please please burn them onto a CD for me.  Please!


Julie said...

I'l see what pics I have. there won't be many but at least a ccouple

little b said...

Oh Karen, that is so so sad. I, of course, have lots of photos. I'll burn them today.

Ama x 2 said...

So sorry about your hard drive. I have the Mac Time Machine, too. Sure hope mine does what it's supposed to do! Wish i could help out, but the only pictures I have are on here. I am sure Beth can help out a lot. Good luck...I know what a heartbreak that would be to lose all my precious pictures.

Pam said...

Hi Karen,
I'm so sorry! I will of course burn the photos I have of you, John and the kids onto a CD. I will also check with a friend of ours who is a Mac user, works with computers for a living and is our go-to computer guy to see if there is a way to salvage anything.

Erika said...

Oh Karen! That's awful! I'm so sorry! I really don't have any photos except the ones I've pirated off your blog or beth... maybe I have a few from the cottage? Oh Karen... that's terrible rotten news )C:

Lynn said...

Oh, that is so terrible. We lost a few months' worth of photos once in a computer crash and I cried and cried. I know it sounds silly, but those memories meant a lot! I hope you find some replacements soon.