Monday, March 02, 2009

Gut issues

When you're a relatively healthy person, you tend to take that for granted. You shouldn't, but you do. Because your health is always there and you kind of don't think about it.

But then, when things go a bit awry, you realize what you enjoyed without realizing you enjoyed it.

Last month, right around the time I ovulated, my gut went into a serious meltdown. I didn't know why. I figured it was a one-off, an infrequent reoccurence of my IBS. But then, this month, the same thing happened. Right before I ovulated, it started up again, but this time worse. So bad in fact, I started to think that I had an appendix or gallbladder problem. Extreme fatigue hit. This time, after I ovulated, the symptoms haven't let up much.

This all to say, my prices and product list is not yet up on my Sugarplum site because I've been sleeping and spending my time generally complaining. That is very time consuming, you know.

I hope to get a good part of it all done this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm seeing a Naturopath to start and get a hold on all of this. On Thursday, I see my regular doctor. I'm determined to feel good again soon.


julie said...

Karen.......have you thought about looking about endometriosis or policystic ovaries...look it up...I have endom and went through some pretty intense symptoms too... hope you feel better soon.

Your baking looks AMAZING!! wow! I am very impressed Betty Crocker!!
Bravo!! I am glad that I don't live in your household; my diet would be shot...''poor'' John!

xxJulie E.

little b said...

Bleh. I'm sorry that your gut isn't co-operating. I hope someone can help sort it out.

Erika said...

I'm sorry you feel crappy Karen )c: I'm feeling it and I'm already on steroids! (which, btw, really suck but not as much as bad gut-rot). I hope you feel better soon!

Shan said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling so hot Karen. Feel better!