Thursday, March 05, 2009

Update on my gut

Things have become a little worse with my health: aching right leg, sore shoulders, sore breast and underarm, ongoing pain in my right side, extreme fatigue, a bit of a fever I think (although we only have a rectal thermometer and you know I wasn't going to use that to check).

On the recommendation of Telehealth Ontario, I went to a walk-in clinic last night. After an internal exam etc, the doctor determined that there is something going on with either my appendix or right ovary. I'm sure it's my ovary. I'm sure there is a cyst down there that is giving me problems.

I'm seeing my own doctor this morning who will likely send me for an ultrasound, do another exam (lovely) and take blood. I sure hope they can book the ultrasound quickly because a couple more weeks of this would be hellish.

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