Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I thought this day may never come

Edit:  Wow, this is a poorly crafted post.  It was a post-yoga post.  My brain was on Ums.  Oh well, they can't all be Pulitzer-worthy.

Remember several weeks ago when Hope decided that she didn't want to be naked ever again without holding onto her bum? That meant in the bath, getting changed, etc.? John and I decided to ignore and and let her get out of the freakish behaviour. Her issue was that she was afraid she would pee in the bath or on the floor.

After forcing her to spend a few minutes naked a couple of days in a row and the realization that the bath is a lot more fun if you have hands free to play with toys, the whole weird thing ended last week. Also, I somehow managed to get her to sit on the toilet.... and actually like it.

The trick was getting her to tell me a story. We're now into Episode 12 or so of the saga of Nana and Tawbewy. (That would be a series of stories about Banana and Strawberry. What? That wasn't obvious?)

A couple of days ago she went even further by asking to sit on the toilet. Yesterday the trend continued. Although nothing came of it.

And then there was today. She peed in the toilet! Twice! Of course, given that her prize is a bit of chocolate or Smarties, she now wants to be on the toilet 24/7 to increase her chances of chocolate consumption.

But hey, I'm not complaining! A diaper-free house is in my grasp!


Erika said...

Ya know, Nanas and Twabewies in chocolate is an EXCELLENT combination! I might sit on the can 24/7 too if that were offered to me!

little b said...

yay Hope! yay Karen! Kate sat on her potty tonight after bath and peed! She didn't seem to notice and was very confused with all the ensuing cheering. Really, she had no idea what she'd just done. I also dream of a diaper-free house but it is very very far from my grasp. I will look to Hope for hope.

Julie said...

Yeah Hopey!!!!

Oh, a diaper free house... how I dream of the day.

Pam said...

Yahoo Hopey!!! Good luck with the process, Karen! I hope it goes well for you and Hope.