Monday, April 06, 2009

A little sugar

Last night was our annual meet-up with lots of friends at Palais du Gomme, a Quebec cabane a sucre.  As usual, we ate well, had lots of laughs, caught up with friends and enjoyed watching our offspring run around with each other.  Our only complaint was that the servers were a bit stingy with the pancakes.  All other dishes were quickly refilled however.

I have some photos to share but that will require a bit of doing given that my card reader is in the basement and I'm still in my pyjamas.  Perhaps this afternoon.


Julie said...

I don't envy Delia's task of changing Max's diapers today after all the beans and beets he ate!

Pam said...

Sounds delicious! Wish we were out East in order to make our annual drive to a sugar bush! Oh well, I guess all we can do is hope the Chinook arch gracing the western sky actually brings warmer weather so we can enjoy the bald prairies.