Monday, April 27, 2009

Like sands in the hourglass....

The days are ticking away until we have to vacate our house.  June 30 is looming large and to walk into our house you would have no idea we weren't planning on being here for the next year.  The house looks very, um, lived in.

It's been hard to be motivated to work through the usual clutter and start packing when your body doesn't cooperate by feeling well.  But this week I have to start in earnest.  The first step will be to decide on a good and well-priced storage unit nearby.  Any recommendations?

The next step will be to start to go through things to get rid of (if ever there was an opportunity to de-clutter, it's now) and prepare for either a garage sale or a big donation to Salvation Army.  In particular need of attention is our garage and storage areas in the house.  

I'm also going to sell a toy or two.  The first thing to be put up, sadly, will be the beautiful doll house I got for Emily's birthday last year.  She hasn't played with it once.  Hope occasionally walks around the house dragging pieces from it but that's pretty much all the action it has seen.  If anyone is interested in a (almost) fully equipped Plan Toys First Dollhouse, send me an email.  So sad.

And after that I have to get boxes and actually start packing.  Since the weather has beautified our weekends have started to fill up and time seems to be speeding by.  We have to fit a visit to Kitchener in to look for a house/apartment.  June 30 will be here (ack!) before we know it.

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Pam said...

I feel you angst over preparing yourselves for the sabbatical. De-cluttering, packing, moving, etc...where do you fit it into your already busy life?

My one strong recommendation is to NOT host a garage sell. You will spend a whole night setting it up, a whole day hanging around and dealing with bargain hunters, you will still have many items to dispose of or donate at the end of the day, and you will not make enough money to compensate the time invested.

My personal recommendation is to sell larger items such as strollers, outside play structures or the Plan Toys Dollhouse via Distribute toys and items you want to keep but do not want to store to friends who will take care of them during your sabbatical. Decide on one charity (Salvation Army, Women's Shelter) and make one large donation of toys, books, clothes, old furniture, etc to them.

Finally recruit friends to help. For instance, bring the kids over to my place for a day in June so they can play while you sort and pack.