Friday, April 24, 2009

The power of a family doctor

I'm just back from my latest appointment with my GP.  I'm so extraordinarily frustrated.  I asked her if she would check my hormone levels and gave my reasons.  She said it wasn't warranted at this point and gave her reasons.  Problem is that I think my reasons are better but I'm not the doctor and have no power to order the test.  She does.  She doesn't want to.  Therefore, it won't happen until she decides she wants it.

And so, here I sit, no further than before, feeling like crap most of the time, wondering what is wrong with me and having what seems like no one in my corner trying their best to figure it out.

What I have is someone trying their worst.  Which really sucks.

I'm so happy that I'll have a chance, as inconvenient as it is, to have a different doctor as of July.

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