Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Liver sucks.

You know those things you decide when you were a kid that you realize as an adult you were totally off-base about?  Things like... coffee tastes bad.  Or smoking looks cool.  Or it makes sense not to wear socks in my shoes when it is minus 10 outside.

Yesterday I discovered something I was TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT when I was a kid.

Liver sucks.

I made liver last night in an effort to boost my vitamin B levels thinking it could be a key to whatever is going on in my body.  I liked that it cost me $2 for a giant package.  I found a recipe on Allrecipes that said "Even my husband, who hates liver, loved this!  It doesn't taste like liver."  Sounded like the right recipe for me.  Because I LOATHE LIVER.  And always have.

My mum loved liver.  She made it for our family maybe twice before she stopped trying due to all the moans and protests and gagging and whatnot.  She still would order it in restaurants if there was calf liver available, her favourite.  

The liver I made last night was promising enough although I found it stomach-turning to have to slice the stuff.  It already had the liver smell and it is very gelatinous.  It reminded me too much of a CSI episode.  The sauce had lots of good flavours - brown sugar, Worstershire sauce, ketchup, garlic.

Unfortunately, the reality is nothing can mask the flavour and texture of liver.

I was totally right as a kid.  Liver sucks.

John was a pig in shite though.  He loves liver and in ten years of marriage we've never had it for dinner.  I announced last night that he'd be waiting ten more to have it again.

And what did the kids think?  Emily tasted it and said she didn't like it (smart kid).  Hope tasted it and asked for three more pieces.  Again, John was a pig in shite and kept saying how much he loved Hope and what a good girl she is, blah blah blah.  I credit it to undeveloped taste buds.  I mean, the kid dips waffles into ketchup.


Erika said...

You mean... there's something wrong about bare feet and sandals in mid-winter?!??

Julie said...

OK, I have to say it. Your husband and youngest child are weirdos!

Love the new blog look!

Anonymous said...

Historic Figures Who Loved Liver: Jesus, Florence Nightingale, Martin Luther King, Jr., The Iron Shiek, and Billy Carter

Historic Figures Who Hated Liver: Josef Stalin, Captain Hook, Dick Cheney (who is, of course, a hybrid of the previous two so perhaps should not count), Betty White

You be the judge, people.