Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few steps back

Things took a turn for the worse, toilet-training-wise, on Sunday. She went to the toilet at church and at the farmer's market and after that it went downhill.  Poop, pee, the whole kit and kaboodle straight into the underwear.  

I have a theory.  I think we got too relaxed.  She was doing so well that we stopped offering Smarties, stopped with incentive prizes at the end of the day and stopped asking as frequently.  And she stopped going in the toilet.

Yesterday, I'm not sure she went in the toilet once.  And so last night I put a message through to the "Help Desk" that comes along with my ebook.  I got a very thoughtful and detailed answer and lots of good advice.  

And so today, after one accident at preschool and two successes (due to me cajoling and demanding), we headed to Chapters where Hope was able to choose a toy and a book that will become a new prize for her.  In order to actually play with them though she has to fill a small jar with marbles.  She gets to put one marble in the jar each time she successfully uses the toilet.  So far, there are three marbles in the jar.

Oh and just in case anyone questioned her smarts, can you guess which two marbles she chose to put in first?

However, even after explaining the whole system to her as we went to the check-out at Chapters, and when I knew she had to pee (the knees squeezed together tipped me off), she still refused to go to the toilet.  And then I had a brilliant idea (which I could come to regret).  I told her that she could go in to the stall all by herself and I would only come in if she needed help.

Apparently that was the winner.  She was keen after that, swaggering her big-girl self all the way through Chapters telling this person and that that she was going to go pee by herself and oh yeah, in this bag was her prize.

Of course, trying to explain to a 2 1/2 year old the whole idea of filling a jar with marbles before she gets her hands on her Cookie Monster toy and Dora book is a big of a chore.  I was forced to duck the darts that were sent my way via a pair of evil eyes.


Pam said...

Keep dodging those eyes of discontent. The marble system sounds like a good incentive program even if it is frustrating for Hope. BTW we have the promise of a shopping trip lingering in the air for when a poop lands directly in the toilet.

Julie said...

how full is the jar? you'll have to get a picture when she puts the last marble in and gets the prize. hopefully it was a good day.

Karen said...

It was a very good day. Lots of marbles in the jar (although not full yet) and only one accident and it was while we were picnicking so it's kind of to be expected I suppose.