Friday, May 15, 2009

Some stuff

I was looking at my calendar the other day and was shocked and appalled by how full it is getting between now and the end of June.  Some events are fun (trip to NYC for our 10th anniversary!), some are not-so-fun (yearly check-up at the dermatologist).  When you are planning a biggish move, time gets eaten up rather quickly.

In order to get all this packing business underway, I'm having a garage sale tomorrow (please, hold off rain!).  I've gathered up all our junk, er, treasures and will be perched in my front yard with a steaming mug of ginger tea yelling at those blasted neighbourhood kids to get off me dang lawn!  And of course nicely bargaining with the passers-by.  After that is all done and I've deposited the leftovers at the Salvation Army I'll be ready/forced to really start packing.

Two other updates:  (1) toilet training still kind of the same.  Yesterday wasn't great.  Today is way better.  The usual ups and downs.  I'm starting to realize (I'm a bit slow sometimes) that toilet training is truly a multi-week if not multi-month project of reminding and rewarding and cleaning up.  I've also realized something else:  it's my least favourite part of parenting.  (2) I think I might have Celiac Disease.  More on that later.  For now let's just say that wheat is ass-kicking me all over the place.


little b said...

Good luck on the garage sale tomorrow! I hope you make lots of moolah and get rid of lots of stuff.

Erika said...

I hope it's not celiac, but wow... wouldn't it be nice to have a real diagnosis?!? (I feel like that at least)

Julie said...

Hope the garage sale was a booming success. Sorry we missed it, I sure we would have bought some of your trash, opps, treasures. ;-)