Friday, May 08, 2009

Liveblogging: Day 2 potty training

We've had no accidents and several pees on the toilet so far today but still nothing more substantial.  Hope is completely filled to the brim with flax seed, blueberries and bran but I think she is using all her will power not to let anything but liquid out of her body.  There are "signs" however that something is imminent.  

Lynn asked me in a comment how I like the ebook so far.  To review, I downloaded Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training ebook.  I read it through about 1 and a half times and I'm following her method pretty much to the T except, as I mentioned before, for the nighttime training.  I would say this however: it is working for me really well and without any accidents because Hope was already on her way to being trained.  She was using the toilet for peeing... occasionally.  There was no consistency on my part or hers.  She still wore diapers all the time but she recognized the feeling of needing to pee so there wasn't a learning curve there for her thus saving me messes.  The 3 Day Potty Training method insists on consistency and positive reinforcement.  There is no reprimanding.  You have to be pretty much glued to your kid.  I have a little leeway there I've found because Hope is telling me every time she has to pee (we'll see what happens with the pooping).  If you're training your child at 22 months like Lora Jensen suggests then you'll definitely have to follow/chase/glue yourself to your child for 3 days straight.  I could see this being extremely difficult if you have another child or two at home and no outside help.  Emily has been understanding for the most part and Hope can run and tell me when she has to pee, like I said.  I've had to stick with her more today as she will need to poop sometime.  Won't she?

She's run upstairs and so I must too.  

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