Friday, May 08, 2009

Potty Training: Day 2

Nothing to report from last night.  I put a diaper on Hope for the night, for obvious reasons.  Although 3 Day Potty Training tells you to train day and night at the same time, I don't buy it.  I'm not worried about night.  That comes on its own.  All I care about is daytime right now.  Also, I want to sleep as much as I can at night right now.  Hope already gets up about every other night with twisted blankets or a bad dream or "Too dark!" and I don't plan on increasing that right now with pee breaks.

So far today, she has peed once, a very little bit which is shocking given how little was in her diaper this morning.  The big fear however is what will happen when the eagle really lands after the muffins and blueberries of yesterday.  Hopefully it will all go well.  

To be sure, you'll hear all about it.

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Lynn said...

Can't wait to hear the news. How are you liking the book so far? Would you say it was a good purchase?