Thursday, June 18, 2009

On our way to the Big Apple

And why do they call it that by the way? I'll have to look it up in the old guidebook.

Yesterday afternoon, arriving late last night, we drove to Omi's in St. Catharines. We're spending the day here today and then John and I are flying to New York from Buffalo tomorrow morning, leaving the girls with Omi. We're all very excited, John and I about a weekend together in New York, the girls about staying with Omi on their own for the weekend.

John and I decided to do this a long time ago to celebrate our 10th anniversary which comes around in October. Beth and Graeme (my sister and her husband) celebrate their 10th this year too (in March) and so we decided to meet there for a weekend without kids.

It isn't working out quite that way. If you want to read why, read this entry in Beth's blog. Let the lesson be this: if you're traveling, make sure you check your passport a dozen times before leaving just to be sure it's valid. Poor Beth. Oh well, at least she'll get to see New York.

Today we're going to take the girls to see Niagara Falls. For me, it was such a regular part of my life growing up that I didn't really think about taking them to see it until now. Also, most of our trips to Niagara are filled with family visits so there really hasn't been time. With Emily at the age she is now, I think she'll really be wowed by it. And if there's time, we'll go to the Butterfly Conservatory as well.

It should be a good start to an amazing weekend.


Julie said...

have an incredible time. if you have the chance, check out "rice to riches" the rice pudding place. it's awesome.

man, do i love nyc. are you going to check out a show? i think i remember you saying you don't like musicals. was that you?

anyhoo, have fun, do it all and enjoy!

Julie said...

oh, just read Beth's blog. That sucks!

Karen said...

I love musicals but I don't want to see any of the biggies I don't think. I'd rather see something off-Broadway.

If we're in the area we'll check out the rice pudding place.

Shan said...

St. Catherines! Yoiu're in St. Catherines! So close!!

Have an incredible time in New York. I am supremely jealous. We had a loose plan to go there last September with Dave & Mel, but some stuff came up and it never happened. One day though.

Hope you have fun at the Falls!