Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Phase One of The Move

Today a truck arrives around 12:00 to pick up the stuff we want to put in storage. This move thing is for real! You'd think that the house would look more organized or at least packed.

Actually, the stuff for storage is pretty well packed. This morning I still want to go through the laundry room/tool area and organize that but if I don't get to it and there is a box or two to go into storage I can always take that over another time.

The house really does look like it has been ransacked. I'm learning to live with it though. And so are the kids. In fact, they're finding treasures long forgotten that are migrating around the house adding to the chaos. My motto now is Embrace It!

Well, given what's going on today, I better get this day started!

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Shan said...

Hope everything goes well Karen!!