Friday, June 26, 2009

WHAT day is it?

Seriously, it's Friday??! My house still looks like we're at the beginning of a move, not an end. Which scares me silly. There is still so much to do and not a lot of time left. John picks up the moving truck on Tuesday morning. And I have two kids at home with me. One of which had her last day of school yesterday. Here is Emily on her first day of school in September:

And here she is yesterday:

Certainly, her hair has grown. And she does look a lot more "grown up" to me.

I have to mention quickly again how great this year was for Emily. And on her year end report, there wasn't one area that needed work or that was of concern. I think her enthusiasm for school is reflected in how she did this year. And, thankfully, she wasn't tearful yesterday about it being her last day, even knowing that she won't be at her school or with Mrs. B next year. She knows she'll be in a new place and a new school with all new kids and so far, she's okay with that.

Last night was her t-ball dinner celebrating the end of the season. She got her trophy and photo and was thrilled beyond belief. I can't say enough great things about the Gloucester South Youth Softball League. It was an amazing experience (after the rough start for Emily - no fault of theirs). The people were great and it was lots of fun. Hope will definitely be doing t-ball with them when we return to Ottawa. The best photo of last night was not Emily getting her trophy or playing with her t-ball friends for the last time, but this one captured by John:

Just awesome.

And now, for my last disjointed paragraph (maybe).... last night I finally heard back from my neurologist's office. Wait, I have to back up a bit because I never did write about the latest in this ongoing saga. Last week (or was it two weeks ago now), I found out that the neurologist's office had sent our old phone number to the MRI people so that when they phoned, the phone number wasn't in service so the hospital cancelled the request and just left it alone, never calling the neuro's office to inform them. Now, given how busy the radiology departments of our hospitals are, I can't really blame them. I can definitely blame the neuro's office given that they've called me a few times on my current number and the old number is scratched out on my file, which by the way was disconnected well over a year ago. Anywho. If you're not in Canada, this may not seem like a big deal, but here (at least in Ottawa) a wait for an MRI can be up to six months or more, so I'm told. But, here I was having been given the opportunity to have an MRI within 4 weeks of the request being made and I missed the opportunity because someone stupid sent the wrong phone number to the hospital. I was irate. I was in tears. I left some angry messages with the neuro's office.

Last night, they informed me they were sorry. At least there's that. And that they put in a new referral on June 15 and I'm to call the hospital this morning to see if there is any way I can get an MRI by Tuesday (HAH!). If that doesn't work (and I don't expect it to), I'm to call the neuro from Waterloo and give them the number of an MRI clinic or hospital there and they'll send the referral there. At least that's something. I try hard not to dwell on the fact that the MRI would be done by now (by a full month) if they hadn't screwed up in the first place.

Welcome to human error in health care.

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Jen said...

I can't get over how much older Emily looks in the second picture! Virtually a teenager!

Have a tonne of fun in Waterloo, and good luck with the move.