Saturday, June 27, 2009

The medical system must read my blog

because after I wrote my post yesterday, I called the Queensway-Carleton Hospital to ask about getting a quick MRI (not expecting it to happen, of course). But they did it! I have an MRI at 11:00 pm on Monday night! I was flabbergasted. I'm beginning to think wait times are long for those who don't complain a lot.

Anyway, so that will be done before we go. Now I just hope that it doesn't show anything and we can move onto another test. I'll be having the Celiac blood test at the end of August. I could have it anytime but I have to have had gluten back in my system for two months for it to be accurate.

Yesterday, my good friend Pam came over with her kids. The kids all entertained each other while Pam and I did some packing and cleaning. After lunch we headed over to our nearest city pool. The kids tolerated the bit of rain and had a great time splashing around. I'm going to take my girls back today after I get some more packing done.

Last night Julie also came over to help me pack. I had great plans that we would tackle the remaining storage area. Unfortunately, about 40 minutes before she was due to arrive, the power went out in our area. Julie still came expecting it to be back on shortly. No such luck. It remained out until John and I went to bed around 10:00 or so. I actually have no idea what time it was since all our clocks are reliant on electricity. John did wander over to the corner where the Hyrdo guys were working on.... stuff. They told him the thunderstorm had caused the damage to a box in our area and they were trying to figure out where the problem was. It was the longest power outage we've had in this house. Bad timing for packing in the basement, but I do love me a blackout.

Time for some coffee, a shower and some serious packing. The basement, scary as it is, is calling me.


Julie said...

as much as i wanted to help you pack, it was nice to sit and visit. going to miss you while your gone.

Shan said...

I'm so glad to hear you got your MRI. I hope you're now on your way to figuring everything out. It;s nice you got to visit with Julie, but sucks about the lost packing time. Looking forward to having you in my neck of the woods. Sorta.