Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The fat lady is getting on the stage

It's almost over, folks. The big move, also known around here as the big headache, is reaching it's peak and I can see the other side.

The house is packed up. Tomorrow morning, we're dropping the kids at Pam and Jim's and going to pick up the Uhaul truck. Then we load. Okay, the guys load while I clean. Nothing like fulfilling gender stereotypes, eh?

We unsure if all our stuff will fit in the size of truck we booked. We have a lot of stuff. Too much. How did we get so much stuff. The reality is that we're moving more furniture than we intended because we're going into a completely unfurnished house. Most likely we'll be making some decisions in the driveway about leaving some things behind that we intended to take. We've already given away our really terrible dining room chairs and it's possible we'll leave the table at the side of the road as well. We may be eating picnic-style for a while.

Postings for the next two days will be sporadic but I should be up and running again by Thursday.

Oh, and as an aside, I had my MRI tonight or what I like to call my entry into the giant donut. That really is what it feels like; like you are entering the donut hole except there is much louder noises than at the standard Tim Hortons. All in all, it was fine and I don't really expect them to find anything which in my opinion is a good thing when it comes to MRIs of the head and neck.

Night all. I need some quality sleep before the big move tomorrow. Think of us and pray that our marriage comes out intact! (So far, so good.)


Julie said...

Good luck!

Did you feel clausterphobic in the donought?

Pam said...

Miss you already! I hope the drive and move into the house has gone well!