Thursday, July 02, 2009

We're here and we're tired

It's been an exhausting couple of days but the house is actually starting to come together. Eventually I'll post some photos once we acquire a bit more furniture (we're going to Generations this afternoon to look for some used stuff - Generations is the Mennonite equivalent to Salvation Army stores).

Hope is taking this all in a stride, as long as someone is there to give her hugs and play with her once in a while. Emily, the older, isn't dealing with it so well, which is what I expected to happen eventually. She's perpetually grumpy. She's told me a few times that she doesn't like the house, doesn't like Kitchener, wants to go home. Totally normal but I still feel bad that she's unhappy. I know that she'll get to like it and it will just take time. I think tomorrow I'll have to find something fun and unrelated to packing to do together. Perhaps a trip to Waterloo Park to see the animals and play at the multiple playgrounds will do the trick.

And of course, I need a shower. No joke, I wore the same shirt for more than 24 hours straight. And proud of it.

I'll check back in later now that we have access.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear your are safe and at home at last. I know how hard is to move and move and move...
Here is for Emily: I also know the feeling, but believe me it gets better, just bare in there.
Here is my blog Karen as you asked:

little b said...

i'm glad you made it! i'm sure it's a relief to be there, finally. I'll look forward to some pictures.

Julie said...

gad to hear that the trip was relatively uneventful. I imagine that it will take a while before it feels like home. I hope Em comes around. A couple of days showing her how fun things can be there will probably do the trick.

Erika said...

Hang in there! I'm sure you're doing a great job (c;