Sunday, July 05, 2009

Calgon couldn't even touch this

I feel like there is a lot I need to write here but I'm not sure where to begin. I expect this post will be all over the place with no real plot line, no thesis, no conclusion. A sure D paper.

The house is mostly put together. There are still a few stray boxes - some winter clothes, one box of toys, a box of DVDs, but mostly everything is unpacked. As we've been really living here the last few days we've made a few discoveries, mostly appliance-related; the oven was 200 degrees off (running way too cool); the washing machine doesn't work; the fridge has a broken gasket; the toilet on the main floor runs; many, many windows don't open; many, many screens on the windows are missing or torn; and there are a few other, smaller things.

It sounds like the place is a money pit (which I guess it is for the owner) and it was a bad decision to live here. But actually, I love this house. It has a ton of character, lots and lots and lots of yard space, huge windows. And the property manager is on top of all the things that have to be fixed (the stove is already fixed). I think we're going to love it here.

What I'm not loving so much right now is Emily's behaviour. In a couple of words, she's totally brutal. I actually can't stand to be around her right now. I know that she's having some trouble adjusting to our change but her level of anger, frustration and downright sourpuss-ness is becoming intolerable. If there were a circus going through town, I might be lining up to sign her up for world's shortest woman.

On a brighter note, we went strawberry picking this morning at a great farm in Wilmot, where I've bought produce before (really, they're known for their corn). It was lovely and I plan to spend tonight making jam. The girls were great during picking and had lots of fun. I won't get into the events that followed but it did almost push me to have an 11:00 glass of wine.

On an even brighter note, my great friend Tamara (she and Greg are our close friends - along with Paul and Marnie - here in town) had her second baby on July 4. Her name is Aisha and she's lovely (of course). We're very excited that we're here to help out.

John is out right now buying us an iPhone. I'm pretty excited about exploring the iPhone Apps. It will put my little Kyocera to much shame.

My next project for tomorrow, aside from having the handyman in to fix all the remaing house issues, is to dig garden beds, weed the existing ones and then go to the garden centre. For my own sanity, I might do that during an evening when I don't have to take any children with me.

This afternoon will end, hopefully, with me sitting near Greg and Tamara's kid pool, sipping wine, while the girls play in the pool, watched by their father and ignored by me.

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Julie said...

Actually the post wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Meaning, I'm glad to hear that there have been a few bright moments. I really hope that Em comes around soon. I'm having trouble with the continuous whining, but can't imagine what it would be like on a 4 year old level!

Hope you are by the pool with a giant glass of wine.