Thursday, August 13, 2009

Be back soon

I realize I've been all active tweeting and FBing and have been very inactive here on the blog. As a quick update, we're housesitting in The Beach in Toronto at a house WAY nicer than ours and having a great time. So far we've:

- been out for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms
- gone to Blackcreek Pioneer Village
- had a great breakfast with some old friends
- rode the streetcars, subway, and buses
- taken the kids for haircuts
- had ice cream
- done a bit of shopping (just in the Beach)
- eaten great food
- played at Kew playground and in the wading pool there

Tomorrow we will clean the house (a daunting job due to our insane kids and their kid-ways) and then go to the Toronto zoo before driving back to Waterloo.

A fuller post with photos will follow once we're back home.

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Shan said...

Sounds like you've been having a great time.