Friday, August 07, 2009

Change of plans

So I decided not to go to ottawa after all. After talking to Meredith, friend extaordinaire who is looking after the whole wet basement debacle, I realized there was little I could do onsite to improve things. I don't have control over the weather. I can't regrade the entire back yard by myself, and I've already contracted someone to clean the eaves. It was the right decision.

So here we sit on the 400 trying to make our way back to Waterloo. We're stuck in traffic again. We're listening to the very bad sounds emanating from our car. If we had two incomes we'd be saying goodbye to this car. Instead we'll sink a lot of money into it to nurse it along for a few more years. Being with the girls full-time is worth driving an old car.

I could walk down the 400 faster than this.

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