Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A great giveaway!

Hold onto your seats there friend, I have a great giveaway for those of you who either live in driving distance to downtown Toronto or have friends or family who live near Toronto or are willing to make the drive for a great family night out. Great if your family is into Disney Princesses, that is.

I'm a Mom Central Feld Family Activator, which essentially means that Mom Central asked me to spread the word about an upcoming event in Toronto and in doing so Mom Central also gave me 4 tickets to the event to give away. Intrigued yet?

Disney On Ice presents Princess Classics will be coming to the Rogers Centre in Toronto from December 18 to 27, perfect timing for a school break outing. And Mom Central has a coupon code for some big savings on tickets.

The tickets are really reasonably priced for the Monday to Friday (excluding Friday evening) shows if you use the Mom Central coupon code: a family of four can go for $44! (If you want to go outside of those days, tickets are $4 off each using the code.) In order to purchase tickets at that price, you need enter the coupon code MCC. You can buy tickets through Ticketmaster and enter the code in the "MC promotion" box when buying tickets.

Of course, there are a couple of strings: you have to buy a minimum of 4 tickets. If you need more than four, you can buy additional tickets for $11 each or $4 off for the weekend performances. Of course, it being Ticketmaster there will be some service fees on top of it. Still, entertainment for a family of four for a little more than $44 is pretty good these days.

This could be a great surprise for your princess-obsessed children or a gift for the princess-obsessed in your life!

And now, onto the giveaway! Because I'm a Feld Family Activator, my job is to let as many people know about this as I can. So, there is one catch to get entered to win four tickets for opening night, Friday, December 18: you need to tell someone else about the contest on my blog - please refer them to this post. You can do that through your blog, email, telling a friend in person... it's your choice.

To enter, just leave a comment here and tell me either who you told and how or leave a link to a mention on your blog. That's all you have to do. I'll be choosing a winner at random on Tuesday, December 8.

Mom Central Canada has also graciously given me four tickets for my family to see the show on December 18. I'll be writing a review of it the following day so you'll have some firsthand information on whether this will be a good show for your family or friends. (Hey, it's Disney princesses, I think we all know that it would make some little girls - and boys - pretty happy. Unfortunately John isn't one of those boys. Anybody else want to go with Hope, Emily and I?)


Colleen said...

My girlfriend and I communicate via Twitter during the day. I tweeted about your giveaway here: http://twitter.com/TalkingColleen/status/6049101245

Food According To Karen said...

I received a tweet from my friend and then emailed my daughter with the link to this blog. My granddaughters would love Disney on Ice.

Julie said...

Awesome give away. Too bad it couldn't be transfered to Ottawa!

have fun.

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Great giveaway! My daughter would love that show!

Here is my blog post.

Food According To Karen said...

Thought you could use the boost.


Oh, I also tweeted.

Colleen said...

Tweeted againg: http://twitter.com/TalkingColleen/statuses/6306506314

Colleen said...

Sent you a little more twitter love! http://twitter.com/TalkingColleen/status/6440005855

iloveknitting said...

Sounds like fun! I have forwarded the information to my friend at work through email. Thanks!

Marnie said...

I went to my front porch and shouted it out to the rooftops: "Calling all skating princesses! Calling all skating princesses!"