Monday, November 16, 2009

Jibber Jabber

I'm tired. I was up with Hope twice last night. I picked her up and my back seized up one of those times. Luckily I have a SIL who is a massage therapist so she has me on the road to recovery. But still... Also, our neighbours downstairs came in at 3:30 last night. And slammed doors.

I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I think. It might be twelve. I'm not exactly on top of timing this time. So many other things to think about.

I went through the rest of my November calendar today because it was feeling like I had a lot to remember and hadn't put any of it to paper. Which was true. It was all floating around in my fallible brain.

We had chili leftovers for supper. Nothing is better on a Monday than having supper already in the fridge when you wake up that day.

I went to Costco today. Normally I'm very good about staying away from impulse purchases there. Things go awry when I have another adult shopping with me (unless it's John). I tend to make odd decisions. Like today when I bought an enormous tub of feta-stuff jalapeno peppers. I do love them. But do I love them enough to eat 50?

I was all set tonight to post a new Life in Waterloo post, this one about the green bin program. It's going to happen tomorrow. There's an Epsom salt bath with my name on it. Literally. It's been a long time since I've washed the bath tub.


Julie said...

Marty has offered to help you with the jalepenios. Sadly, he could probably finish off the bucket in one sitting.

have you heard that ottawa is FINALLY getting a green bin? it starts in january. i am so excited!

Shan said...

I'll get in on that jalapeno bucket!! I need to start keeping better track too. I totally forgot that Abby was supposed to do a presentation in class today. Luckily she seemed to get through it just fine with no coaching/practice from/with me. I am so awesome!